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Shivam Restaurant started by a group of passionate people who are interested in Food & Beverages business. Food, at Shivam is going to be not only tasty, but with variety and full of fusion keeping in mind, the healthy requirements of the customer.


Restaurant near Mustafa Centre

serves top Indian vegetarian food in Singapore

Eating Indian food is easy on the stomach and healthy for the body. This is especially true with Gujarati Restaurant in Little India Singapore that serves absolute vegetarian conceived with native recipe and cooked with organic ingredients. Little Indian in Singapore is predominantly Indian and the folks here practice highest ethics in food choice and eating and only eat dishes that are cooked fully in native flavor and to the last morsel. Gujarati Restaurant in Singapore will serve you with a huge range of Gujarati food items that are popular for their sweet, sour and hot combination.

The Guajarati Cuisine served at the Indian vegetarian restaurants near me would usually consist of all the popular Gujarati dishes. Some of the you could taste here would include Khaman Dhokla, Batata Vada, Patra, Bhajiya, Methi Na Gota, Gujarati Kadhi and a bevy of sweets made with traditional Gujarati recipe. The sweet items at the Vegetarian Restaurant Little India Singapore will be an assortment of Halwas, Jalebis, Sheera, and ShriKhand. A Gujarati Thali will be an amalgamation of all Gujarati and will consist of Rice, Chappathi, Papad, Daal, Kadhi, Pickles, and Bhajis. An assortment of desserts and beverages are served at the Restaurants near Mustafa Centre that are absolutely alien to local cooking but extremely satisfying to the taste buds irrespective of you being a native or outsider.

The Indian vegetarian restaurant Singapore is not all about Gujarati food as it could surprise you with a number of ethnic dishes coming from different regions of India carrying unique flavor and taste. Some of these recipes would include Punjabi, North Indian and South Indian dishes that are vegetarian by form and nature. The Punjabi Chole Bhatura and the South Indian Dosa are patented dishes and are immensely popular among world population. With the best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Singapore these are routine fare that they serve to hordes of customers who come to taste them to their fold. Being routine does not mean that they are cooked without the necessary herbs and spices as minutes details are observed in making Indian ethnic cuisine by trained Indian Chefs.

Mustafa Center has a huge population in the form of employees working there and the ones that attend other establishments nearby and they always opt for the vegetarian restaurants near me, which is purely Indian. The restaurants in Little India Singapore cater to the teeming thousands that pass through the main thoroughfare for business and pleasure. The place has some of the top shopping centers including Mustafa Centre, and breakfasts, lunch and dinners are served to the employee population working there by Restaurants near Mustafa Centre. If you are relatively new to Singapore you don’t need search vegetarian restaurants of Indian origin anywhere as you could find the best Indian vegetarian restaurant Singapore right here.




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