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Set A - North Indian
S$ 55.00    
North Indian Set Meal for 4 to 5 Pax
Gobi Manchurian
Kadhai Paneer
Mix Veg Masal...
Set B - Gujarati
S$ 60.00    
Gujarati Set Meal for 4 to 5 Pax
Khaman Dhokla
Chapathi / Roti (Mix)
Set C - Snacks
S$ 50.00    
Snacks Set for 4 to 5 Pax
Vada Pav or Samosa
Mix Pakoda
Garlic Bread wit...
Set D - Mexican/Italian
S$ 65.00    
Mexican/Italian Set D for 4 to 5 Pax
Veg Special Pizza
Half & Half Enchilada
Chaats Combo
S$ 55.00    
Chaats Combo for 4 to 5 PAX
Indo Chinese Combo
S$ 55.00    
Indo Chinese Combo for 4 to 5 PAX
Customized North Indian Set
S$ 55.00    
Customized North Indian Set for 4 to 5 PAX
Customized Gujarati Set
S$ 60.00    
Customized Gujarati Set for 4 to 5 PAX
North Indian Meal
S$ 11.00    
Gujarati Meal
S$ 12.00    
Indo Chinese Meal
S$ 12.00    
Vegetable Hot & Sour Soup
S$ 5.50    
Vegetable soup a combination of sour and spicy soya sauce
Vegetable Machow Soup
S$ 5.50    
Vegetable soup cooked with spicy soya sauce
Cream of Tomato Soup
S$ 5.50    
A favoured soup with crispy croutons
Cream of Mushroom Soup
S$ 5.50    
Soup with mushroom and pepper
Cream of Vegetable Soup
S$ 5.50    
Soup prepared with fresh vegetable
Vegetable Sweet Corn Soup
S$ 5.50    
Lightly spiced soup with sweet corn and veggies
Broccoli Soup
S$ 5.00    
Soup with sauté, onion, garlic & vegetables
Mexican Black Bean Tortilla Soup
S$ 5.00    
Black Beans, Spring Onion, Tortila Chlops, American Corn, macaroni Pata, Green C...
Italian Soup
S$ 5.00    
Spring Onion, Cheese Chips, Fusilli Pasta Oregano
Sopade Miho Verde Soup
S$ 5.00    
Mixed Vegetables, macaroni
Roasted Papad
S$ 2.00    
Thin and crispy lentil flat bread roasted in oven
Fried Papad
S$ 3.00    
Thin and crispy lentil flat bread deep fried in oil
Masala Roasted Papad
S$ 4.00    
Thin and crispy lentil flat bread topped with onions, tomatoes and coriander
Masala Fried Papad
S$ 4.50    
Green Salad
S$ 3.00    
Garden fresh salad
Onion Salad
S$ 2.00    
Dahi Raita (choose from boondi, veg-mixed, cucumber)
S$ 5.00    
Homemade creamy yogurt blended with cucumbers and fresh mint / missed vegetables...
Plain Curd
S$ 3.00    
Paneer Malai Tikka
S$ 13.50    
Paneer Marinated with cream & special spices
Paneer Tikka
S$ 13.50    
Paneer Marinated with yogurt & special spices
Corn Shekh Kabab
S$ 14.50    
Kebabs made with sweet corn and simple spices
Vegetable Shekh Kabab
S$ 8.00    
Skewered kebab of seasonal vegetables
Hara Bhara Kabab
S$ 12.80    
Deep fried Kebabs made from green vegetables
Tandoori Aloo
S$ 11.50    
Spicy Marinated Potatoes made in tandoor
Mushroom Tikka
S$ 13.30    
Mushrooms marinated in yogurt, mild spices, and fresh herbs
French Fries
S$ 5.00    
Mushroom Pepper Fry
S$ 11.80    
Mushrooms fried with pepper, and fresh herbs
Tawa Mushroom
S$ 12.00    
Mushroom sauted with special tawa gravy
Chilly Baby Corn
S$ 13.80    
Baby corn coated in a light salt and pepper batter, fried crisp
Chilly Potato Honey Sauce
S$ 12.00    
Potatoes coated with chilli sauce, honey with garlic, vinegar, salt, pepper and ...
Gobi Manchurian (Dry / Gravy)
S$ 11.50    
Fried cauliflower florets tossed in soya based manchurian sauce
Paneer Manchurian
S$ 11.50    
Indian Cottage Cheese, cooked in delicious manchurian sauces
Vegetable Manchurian
S$ 11.80    
Mixed vegetables deep fried into balls and then served in a special indo chinese...
Vegetable Sweet & Sour
S$ 10.50    
Veggies served with tangy sweet and sour chili sauce
Chilly Paneer
S$ 12.80    
Cheese cooked with spices, sliced green capsicum in a thick tomato and onion bas...
Pav Bhaji
S$ 10.50    
Jain Pav Bhaji
S$ 11.80    
Paneer Pav Bhaji
S$ 12.00    
Cheese Pav Bhaji
S$ 13.50    
Masala Pav
S$ 7.80    
S$ 8.00    
Extra Pav (2 pcs)
S$ 3.00    
Puri Bhaji
S$ 7.00    
Chole Bhatura
S$ 9.50    
Extra Poori (2 pcs)
S$ 3.00    
Pani Puri
S$ 8.30    
Sev Puri
S$ 9.30    
Bhel Puri
S$ 8.00    
Papdi Chat
S$ 9.80    
Dahi Vada
S$ 8.50    
Dahi Puri
S$ 8.50    
Samosa Chat
S$ 10.30    
Tikki Chat
S$ 10.30    
Ragda Dahi Puri
S$ 9.00    
Ragda Sev Puri
S$ 9.00    
Special Chat Platter
S$ 14.00    
Schezwan Dahi Puri
S$ 8.50    
Balla Papdi Chaat
S$ 9.00    
Aloo Chaat
S$ 9.50    
Bread Butter
S$ 2.00    
Veg Cheese Sandwich
S$ 7.00    
Veg Cheese Toast
S$ 8.00    
Cheese Chilly Toast
S$ 8.00    
Club Sandwich
S$ 9.00    
Veg Sandwich
S$ 6.30    
Tomato Omlet Sandwich
S$ 6.50    
Tomato Omlet with Cheese
S$ 8.00    
Veg Burger
S$ 6.30    
Veg Cheese Burger
S$ 7.50    
Cheese Capsicum Onion Pizza
S$ 12.50    
Mexican Pizza
S$ 13.00    
Italian Pizza
S$ 15.30    
Sizzling Barbeque Pizza
S$ 14.00    
Paneer Wala Pizza
S$ 15.50    
Hot ‘N’ Spicy Pizza
S$ 15.80    
Veg Special Pizza
S$ 15.50    
Cheese Enchilada
S$ 14.00    
Soft Tortilla Rolled with Cheese, Beans, Corn & Baked with extra cheese
Indian Cheese Enchilada
S$ 14.00    
Onion, capsicum, rajma, salsa
Paneer Cheese Enchilada
S$ 14.00    
Paneer, palak, till, cheese & green peas
Italian Cheese Enchilada
S$ 15.00    
Mushroom, macaroni, capsicum, white sauce & italian dressing
American Cheese Enchilada
S$ 15.00    
American corn, capsicum, mushroom & beans
Half & Half Enchilada
S$ 14.50    
Paneer tikka, onion, capsicum & mozzarella cheese
Special Enchilada
S$ 15.00    
Baby corn, capsicum, mushroom, salsa and cheese
S$ 15.00    
Soft tortilla, peas & cheese
Plain Nachos
S$ 12.00    
With refried Beans Salsa
Special Nachos
S$ 14.00    
Tortilla Chips in Cheese Sauce and Becked with 3 cheese & salsa
Nachos with Roasted Capsicum & Cheese
S$ 14.00    
Tortilla chips layered with capsicum and cheese
Nachos with American Corn, Fried Mushroom and Cheese
S$ 14.00    
Nachos with American Corn, Mushrooms with cheeses & herbs
S$ 10.00    
Beans, Onion, Capsicum, Tomato +,Salsa Sauce & Cheese
Special Taco
S$ 12.00    
Beans, Mushroom, American Corn, Roasted Capsicum & Cheese
Italian Taco
S$ 12.00    
Macaroni, White Sauce, Capsicum, Salsa Sauce & Cheese
Italian Taco Special
S$ 14.00    
Mushroom, White Sauce, Capsicum, Salsa Sauce, Special Italian Cheese
Tomato Pasta
S$ 15.50    
Fettuccine Pasta, Mushroom, Cheese & Pasta Sauce
Paneer Pasta
S$ 15.00    
Panner Tikka, Capsicum, Boscaola Pasta with Oregano
Cheese Pasta
S$ 15.00    
Spring Onion, Fettuccine Pasta, 3 types of Cheese, White Sauce
Italian Pasta
S$ 17.50    
Italian Pasta, Special Italian Dressing, Mixed Vegetables, Cheese
Very Veg Pasta
S$ 16.50    
Pasta, Flower, Paneer, Green Peas, Carrots, Cheese Corney Cheese Mushroom
Mexican Pasta (Delight)
S$ 15.50    
Spicy Mexican Sauce, Beans, Mushroom, Spagatti
Cheese Macroni
S$ 16.00    
Cheese, macaroni, capsicum & onion
Mexican Pasta Sizzler
S$ 16.00    
Paneer, Pasta, Black Beans, Mushroom, Spring Onion, American Corn
Mexican Fajita Pasta Sizzler
S$ 16.00    
Mushroom, Capsicum, Paneer, Baby Corn