14 - Nov - 2022

Do you treasure and enjoy eating Indian sweets? Do you know what famous types of Indian sweets are available in Singapore? If so, now you can enjoy delectable Indian sweets at any of the best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore. In these places, you can find the perfect and authentic sweet for you and your family.

For first-time eaters, we are 100% assured that you will doodle over Indian sweets. However, we will assist you in understanding the various types of Indian sweets and where to buy them.

Let us begin by understanding Indian sweets.

10 types of Indian sweets in Singapore - Must try

1. Kaju katli

Kaju katli is a popular sweet that is not only popular in India but also all over the world. Think of this dessert as a type of fudge without chocolate, and it is garnished with edible silver foil. This is a classic North Indian sweet. It is made with cashew nuts and sugar. This is one of the sweets that is commonly served at Indian weddings, parties, functions, housewarming ceremonies, and other events. This is a delightfully sweet dessert. You can get this at Shivam Restaurant, which is one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Singapore.

2. Rasgulla

Well, this is another juicy and syrupy dessert that is also famous worldwide. You can't just have one of these sweets. This syrupy dessert starts with curdling milk. In Singapore, this Indian dessert is very famous in Indian sweet places. If you want to enjoy this delectable dessert, place your order and have it delivered by islandwide food delivery in Singapore. Rasgulla is available canned, and you can get it fresh in any Singapore vegetarian restaurant.

3. Adhirasam

Adhirasam, we call it the Indian doughnut. It is made from rice flour and jaggery, and later it is deep-fried. It is nice and crisp on the outside, but pillowy and silky on the inside. It is yummy in taste and a very common sweet in the homes of South Indians. Mini adhirasam is available in any Indian store in Singapore.

4. Soan papdi

It is very light and has flaky sugar strands, but the texture is smooth as cotton candy and dissolves in your mouth. It’s such a famous Indian sweet that you will surely enjoy having it. You can find boxed soan papdi at your local grocery store.

5. Laddoo

Laddoo is the quintessential Indian sweet. If you’re going to a wedding or a religious Indian ceremony in Singapore, you can see laddoos in any Indian house. It is heavy with ghee, flour, and sugar; these sweet treats are made from chickpea flour mix. They’re fried in ghee and drenched in sugar syrup. They are round in shape, and so it is called laddoo. It’s pretty easy to find variations of this sweet, and you can find it in any Indian store.

6. Mysore Pak

This sweet is from Mysore, in the southwestern Indian state of Karnataka. Consider it an Indian version of fudge, as it's soft, dense, and melts in your mouth. You can find these at Shivam Restaurant.

7. Gulab jamun

It is made from milk fat and mostly looks like rasgulla, but this is fried. After having one, you can stop. So, keep an eye on it and accordingly consume it at any Indian restaurant in Singapore of your choice.

8. Burfi

Possibly the most elegant-looking of the bunch. Burfi looks good with its pretty silver coating. Its edible silver leaf is mainly used for occasions like weddings and is completely cut into diamonds. This sweet flavor is as good as it looks. Get them fresh at Shivam restaurant
in Little India.

9. Kesari

Kesari is said to have originated in the south, and it is famous among South Indians. It is made with semolina and then cooked in fat milk and sugar. Later, a sprinkle of saffron is added. Visit Shivam restaurant and grab Kesari from us.

10. Jalebi

Jalebi is a sticky sweet made from fermented batter and dipped in a spiral motion into a pool of hot oil. The crisp snack is immersed in saffron sugar syrup for that amazing orange glow. It is either fried in ghee or oil; it depends on the occasion. You can enjoy jalebi at any North Indian sweet shop in Little India.

Wrapping up

The ten types of Indian sweets listed above are available at Shivam Restaurant in Singapore. You can visit this authentic Indian restaurant and doodle over yummy and delicious sweets. This place has various ranges of Indian thalis, starting from North Indian, Gujrati thalis, Maharashtrian thalis, South Indian thalis, and many more types.

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