21 - Sep - 2022

Singapore is a land of mixed cultures and people from different races. Right from Chinese to Indian cuisines, and even Malaysian cultures, you will find it all. So, the chances of finding some of the most promising vegetarian dishes for Singaporean travelers won’t be a big deal. So, if you are planning to spend your holiday over here and you are a hardcore vegetarian, do not leave the country unless you have tried these top 10 food items.

1. Vegetarian bee hoon:

Been hoon is mainly white rice noodles available in thick and thin forms. Noodles are a major breakfast option in multiple hawker centers, and you can try out these noodles, which are usually fried with a selection of vegetables on top.

2. Potato Curry puff:

As understood from the name itself, this humble curry puff is a major snack, also known to be vegetarian-friendly. Similar to Indian samosas, these puffs are great snacks to take on the run. Just add some tomato sauce or other spicy Chinese oil on top and you are off to a great start to your meal!

3. Thali:

Singapore is known for its amazing Indian population. So, chances are high that you have probably seen Indian Thali in the market. Thali is a collection of various Indian vegetarian dishes to create a compact meal. From fried bread to different vegetable curries and desserts, you will get it all in one.

4. Durian:

Known as the king of fruits, once you have to get past the small, this fruit is one to die for! It can be eaten raw and has a strong taste to it. Some restaurants prepare durian-infused vegetarian curries, which will go great with your flatbreads.

5. Chendol:

A popular Southeast Asian dessert, Chendol is icy, sweet, and has a strong coconut flavor to it. Yes, there are loads of calories in one pack, but worth the taste for sure. It is made using jelly noodles.

6. Kueh

It is a local name for colorful traditional Singaporean cakes, which are associated with different races. Some of the common ingredients over here are rice, palm sugar, coconut, and tapioca starch.

7. Red bean buns:

If you are looking for a vegetarian snack, which is super healthy and filling at the same time, red bean buns will be your answer. The tasty red bean paste in the middle of fluffy buns will make you feel like you are eating a cloud!

8. Rojak:

This dish is mainly a selection of multiple ingredients mixed together with the sauce. You have an Indian and Chinese version of it. Some of the main ingredients are soybean products, potatoes, tofu, and more. It is a vegetarian’s delight on a plate!

9. Soybean milk:

For the sweet tooth out there, soybean milk is a healthy and hearty start to your morning. It is silken custard, which is more set than your typical custard.

10. Prata:

Roti prata is mainly a fried flatbread, which is fluffy and crispy at the same time. You can opt for plain Prata, which is mainly
served with dhal curry. There are sweet prata as well!

These are the top 10 vegetarian dishes that you should definitely give out a try once you are in Singapore. You will love each one of them! Shivam Restaurant has some of the best cuisines to try!

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