20 - Oct - 2022

Do you think Indian foods are excellent in taste? Have you tried Indian food before? If you haven't tried it, go to any Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. You will surely appreciate your food.

Did you know India is the most extensive vegetarian country in the world? Today, Indian cuisine has become widespread among vegetarians and vegans around the world. It is by far one of the most vegetarian-friendly global cuisines around, offering tasty options like chickpeas, and paneer cheese, as well as remarkable and mouth-watering dishes to make vegetables taste delicious.

Whereas, Indian cuisine is known for its spices, flavors, vibrant color, distinct aroma, and delicious taste. Today, to eat Indian food, you don't have to visit India, you can enjoy it in any part of the world. In Singapore, visit Little India to enjoy Indian dishes. Here, you get the best vegetarian Indian food.

In this blog, we will be covering 11 must-have Indian foods that one must definitely try out. We won’t be able to cover all of the dishes, but this guide will explain the best vegetarian restaurant in Singapore that are appropriate for newcomers to the cuisine.

Learn popular 11 vegetarian Indian must-have foods

1. Chana Masala

This popular street food and home-cooked dish are also known as chole bhature. It is one of the most prevalent Indian vegetarian dishes that most Indian love to have. This dish is commonly sold in North India, but now you can get it at any Indian restaurant. It is eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as an evening snack. Chana masala is a nutritious dish that is high in vitamins and protein.

2. Vegetable Biriyani

Vegetable Biryani is one of the most suitable Indian vegetarian dishes. This is because there are over a hundred different types of biryanis you get to eat. All types of biryani taste different in each part of India. Rice, spices, a variety of vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, or paneer all together make up a vegetable biryani. To make the dish delicious, garlic, turmeric, chilies, cardamom, coriander, and other spices are also mixed into the rice.

3. Masala Dosa

A dosa is a thin bread. It is prepared from fermented rice and black lentils. Dosas are traditionally served with potato or coconut chutney. Dosas are frequently served with sambar, which is a vegetable stew. Dosas are primarily consumed in South India. Dosas are served for breakfast and are mostly a South Indian dish.

4. Palak Paneer

Palak paneer is a popular North Indian dish. Because the gravy for this dish is made by cooking down spinach, onions, and tomatoes, the gravy is a dark green color. Paneer is a mild-flavored Indian cheese. This dish is ideal to enjoy Indian cuisine. Palak paneer is prevalent in India because of its mild but wholesome flavors and is served with naan, roti, or rice.

5. Dal Tadka

Dal tadka, also known as tadkewali dal. It is a traditional lentil-based dish from northern India. The dish is typically made with split yellow pigeon peas, garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes, garam masala, and many more.

These ingredients are cooked and combined with tadka. Dal tadka is garnished with coriander leaves. You can get this dish in any Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore.

6. Aloo Gobi

Aloo gobi is a traditional Indian dish. This is prepared completely dry. This potato and cauliflower dish has an abundance of spices and flavor. Aloo gobi is often served with Indian bread such as parathas. This item is one of the best Indian vegetarian dishes you should try if you’re exploring different cuisines.

7. Malai Kofta

Malai kofta is a popular dish that has a mild flavor. Here, meatballs in this dish are made of potatoes, mashed vegetables, or paneer. The sauce is made up of tomatoes and onions and has a rich and flavorfulflavor. The Malai kofta is often topped with cream and served with Indian bread.

8. Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is a Mumbai Street food. It has grown in popularity in Indian restaurants and is even cooked at home. Pav bhaji is a mashed vegetable dish. The veggie mixture is then completed with butter and served on buttered buns. It is not the most nutritious meal, but Pav Bhaji is irresistible in taste.

9. Matar Paneer

Matar means peas, and paneer is cottage cheese. In this dish, these two are the most important ingredients. Traditional Indian spices such as coriander, cumin, turmeric, and garam masala blend with garlic and ginger pastes and green chilies to make a delicious dish. Matar paneer is scrumptious with parathas, naans, or even jeera rice. To enjoy this delicious dish, order today using islandwide food delivery in Singapore.

10. Hyderabadi Baingan

This is a mouth-watering item, being one of the best Indian vegetarian dishes. It is an original brinjal curry straight from the royal kitchens of Hyderabad. A nutty gravy made with peanuts. This is a delectable lunch or dinner dish. The masala is so appetizing that it goes well with rice or roti.

11. Rajma

Rajma is one of the most satisfying Indian vegetarian dishes that originated in North India. It’s made with red kidney beans. The dish is typically for celebrations and special occasions. It is a staple food. It was brought to the country from central Mexico. Rajma is a nutritious vegetarian curry. It is popular in Punjab and North India.

The key takeaway

You can find these dishes in any Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. Make sure to visit the most promising restaurant the Shivam Restaurant if you wish to try out Indian dishes and curries. Do visit this restaurant and try out their Gujrati thali. This is the most popular dish, which Singaporeans love to enjoy. You can get your favorite Indian dish in any restaurant in Little India Singapore. Do comment down below with your favorite dish.

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