03 - Sep - 2019

It is most perfect by adapting to vegetarian diet if you want to remain healthy and happy. Vegetarian meals are complete diet, consisting of high fiber, vitamins, folic acid, unsaturated fat, magnesium and several phytochemicals. This is the reason people who consume vegetarian food have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and lower risks of cardio vascular diseases. Vegetarian food takes less time to cook, digests easily, and significantly saves money as vegetables are cheaper compared to meat and dairy products.   Eating at the best vegetarian restaurant Singapore is not only good for your health but also for your purse. Eating vegetarian is also good for our environment as they are not toxic.

Here are few finer points of eating vegetarian

Prolongs lifespan

By eating vegetarian you importantly avoid the buildup of toxins in the body. By eating vegetarian meals consisting of vegetables, fruits and herbs you prevent clogging your arterial system with toxins thus increase the chance of prolonging lifespan.

Reduced cholesterol

Cholesterol levels are reduced drastically and eating animal fat can significantly increase that. You find cholesterol only from animal fat, so vegetarian foods prove to be cholesterol free. Cholesterol however is a necessary component of body cells which can be made from the vegetarian food by the body. Tests and studies have shown that vegans tend to have lesser cholesterol levels than meat eaters. The vegetarian restaurants near me are your forte if you want to eat out but eat cholesterol-free foods.

Less risk of stroke and obesity

More than 80% of people who are obese will be found to be meat eaters. If you compare them with vegans they eat more and vegetarians are choosy when picking the food and eat right amount of food that they can easily digest. Obesity comes from over eating and eating meat based meals and obesity also leads to incidents of stroke. You can avoid both of these if you eat only vegetarian.

Risks of diabetics is reduced

Vegetarian foods are easy to digest and they produce steady levels of glucose which the body can control and distribute evenly. Non-vegetarian foods tend to generate high levels of blood glucose immediately after eating thus open the way to become diabetic. Vegetarian food is full of nutrition that is easy to digest and fatty acids levels are reduced in them.

Blemish-free skin

Vegetables are water based and your skin needs plenty of water besides minerals and vitamins to be healthy. The vegetables & fruits we eat also have plenty of anti-oxidants and eating raw or semi-cooked vegetables also increase the amount of nutrition you get from them. The combination of nutrition, anti-oxidants and water makes your skin health and without blemish.

Fiber content

Vegetables and fruits contain high amount of fiber which is essential for regular digestion. Body metabolism is significantly improved because of this and toxins are fast eliminated by them. Water levels of body are sufficiently maintained by eating vegetarian foods. By eating at the Best vegetarian restaurant Singapore you also fulfill the requirement of fiber in your body when you are eating out.


Eating at the best vegetarian restaurant Singapore also is economical for your pocket. Meat and Dairy products are costly compared to vegetarian, but the latter


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