19 - Jun - 2020

The island of Singapore boasts several restaurants and the Indian vegetarian restaurants are exemplary from them because of their exotic menu. People flock to these restaurants in hordes because of the rare dishes that you don’t see in other restaurants. People of Indian origin as well as the islanders cut in to the food with relish because the restaurants cook up a blended variety of Indian foods that are universally accepted for its taste and flavor.  Besides providing congenial atmosphere for dining, the Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore also makes Islandwide delivery of their dishes as the demand has increased manifold throughout Singapore.

What do you get to eat at the Indian vegetarian restaurant?

There are four main categories of food items served by Indian vegetarian restaurants and they could be termed as North Indian, South Indian, Gujarati, and Punjabi foods. A North Indian or Punjabi Thali (plate) is sumptuous and you can eat more than stomach full at a fixed price. This Thali or plate if usually filled with Chappathi, Dhal, Assorted Vegetables, Curd, Pickles, Salad and Rice which more than few and wholesome. You can expect the food to be made up of organic grains, vegetables, herbs and spices and cooked with organically pressed oils that are pure in form.

A Gujarati Thali has similar dishes with a little variation in items but diverse in taste and form. The Thali is likely to contain Rice, Chappathi, Dhal, Kadhi, Vegetable, Papad, Pickle & Salad and it will be outstandingly tasty and flavorsome besides providing more than you can eat.  These are full course mels that you can eat for lunch or dinner and top up with exotic beverages whipped up by the restaurant chefs.

Crunchy & Crispy Snacks, Sweet & Sour Chats  

If you are in the mood for some snacking you can douse it with items like Chole Bhatura, Pav Bhaji, Puri Bhaji, Paani Puri, Hot Samosa or a quick meal with delicious vegetable Biryani.  When you dig into these food items you will find they are unique in invention and taste and emanate a flavor that is not possible with western or meat based foods. The snacks are served hot and they are crunchy and crispy and quick bites between meals when you sense a semblance of hunger during working hours. The restaurant also serves sweet and sour soups that are nutritious and serve as appetizers before you start your main course. Vegetable hot and sour, vegetable Machow soup, cream of mushroom soup, and cream of tomato soup are some of the specials you could order at the restaurant. You could also order individual side dishes like Kadhai paneer, Gobi Manchurian, Makhni Dhal etc and also go for starter dishes that are spiced up with natural herbs and they would include Paneer Malai Tikka, Paneer Tikka, Corn Shek Kabab, Vegetale Shek Kabab, Hara Bara Kabab, Tandoori Aloo, and Mushroom Tikka

Instant home delivery of food and Pick Up orders

The Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore takes care of its clientele with healthy and tasty food when they come to dine there but also make home delivery of food when ordered. The deliveries are usually free or you can go for pick up orders that you can place before you go shopping and collect when you return. The restaurant maintains high order of hygiene and conductive atmosphere where you can sit in peace and eat. If you are here in Singapore or have just come from India you would not miss the opportunity to dine at the restaurant.  

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