22 - Aug - 2019

Singapore restaurants are famous for serving multi-cuisine food items in their menus. You can also expect them to provide you authentic ethnic food smacking with ethnic flavor. Indian vegetarian restaurant Singapore located at the various points of the cosmopolitan city are famous for serving immensely delicious Indian food that are one of a kind and never replicated by other culture or expertise. Vegetarian foods they serve to the customers are full of nutrition as they are made up with organic ingredients and have no side effects that are experienced with meat based food recipes.

What kind of food do you expect from the Indian vegetarian restaurants?

Indian vegetarian restaurants all over the world serve the same ethnic food varieties but they only differ in color, flavor and taste. Taste and flavor can change with the ingredients that are used but the Indian vegetarian restaurant Singapore only use pure organic ingredients that are harvested in pristine conditions. Here are some of the menus that you are likely to taste and savor when you visit those vegetarian restaurants.

The Indian menu is drawn from variety of regional foods namely south Indian, Gujarati, Punjabi and north Indian foods. The most famous of them are

  • Pav Bhaji, Puri Bhaji, Pani Puri, Kadhai Paneer, Samosa, Dahi Vada, Dhokla, and many others snack of Gujarati origin and full Thalis of Gujarati food.
  • Punjabi Thali, Chole Bhatura, Butter Naan, Tandoori Roti, and a variety of stuffed breads of Punjabi variety
  • South Indian foods serve fulfilling variety of Idlis and Dosas accompanied by chutneys and Sambaar. This ethnic food variety also offer full thalis consisting of rice, sambaar, butter milk, rasam and a variety of fried or stewed vegetables
  • The north Indian food preparation will consists of a variety of what breads such as Roti, Parantha, Kadhi, dhal, sabzees.

Delicious Indian soups

You also get to taste a variety of beverages that are the conclusion of native ingredients and recipe. Butter milk of Indian origin is served both in North Indian and South Indian tastes and the Punjabi lassi takes the cake if you have to choose among them. When it comes to soup the Indian vegetarian restaurant Singapore will serve you with soups like, vegetable hot and sour soup, vegetable machow soup, cream tomato soup, vegetable corn soup, broccoli soup and more. These soups will be absolutely authentic and ethnic and added with ingredients and aroma that is pure natural. You don’t need to be apprehensive of eating in a restaurant in the fear that they will use bulk food ingredients of inferior quality to save costs. Indian restaurants that serve vegetarian have a name and status with the Singapore demography because of their genuine use of natural ingredients and herbs in their foods. The food items are not only lauded by permanent citizens of the city but also tourists coming from foreign lands in search of recreation and leisure. Next time you come here make sure that you visit one of these restaurants and see what we are talking about.

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