25 - Mar - 2020

It is always a delight to visit Little India because of it is colorful, ethnic, vibrant and brimming with energy and Indian flavor. Here you can visit several Hindu temples to worship your favorite Indian deity and also take a evening out in the streets of Little India. The place has main roads and sub-roads and you can expect these streets to be overtly crowded during weekends. Little India has many attractions including the Mustafa Centre which never sleeps and cater to a wide variety of customers that come for electronics, clothing, fancy items, food and various knick-knacks. It reportedly dish out a 3 00 000 consumer items that customer lap up. Besides Mustafa Centre, the Restaurants in Little India Singapore are also popular as they serve delicious Indian ethnic food that is made up of natural ingredients like organic whole grains, vegetables, herbs, spices, and dairy byproducts.

Vegetarian food items made with organic ingredients

The restaurants in Little India in Singapore serve a wide variety of Punjabi food which is immensely popular all over the world. No one can forget the crispy and spicy taste of a plate for Chole Bhature as it is made of organic grain Aata or flour and a side dish containing Bengal grams or chick peas and exotic spices. Another famous item that is served at the restaurant is the Gujarati Dhokla which has captured the culinary inclination and taste buds of food connoisseurs all over the world. This sour and spicy snack made from Gram flour with garnishing in curry leaves is immensely popular among both Indian and other origin people and has captured a pride of place in the annals of food popularity. Another delicious Indian food menu is the Paneer based side dishes that in combination with crispy Indian Naan or long breads cooked in oven make hugely appetizing food fare.

Exclusive variety of Indian food menu

These food items are purely vegetarian a North Indian Thali or Plate filled with delicious food items such as an assortment of vegetables, Daals, pappads, curd, pickles, rice and Roti or Indian bread make wholesome fair. You cannot go empty stomach or dissatisfied with this food menu as it contains more than you can eat at one go and prove to be great food selection in terms of price and variety. A South Indian Menu in Restaurants in Little India Singapore will offer you rich choice of South Indian food fare which includes the famous Dosa and Sambaar. South Indian fare also includes a variety of steamed rice cakes including Idli, Kolukkatai, Puttu and many others.  

With the Indian restaurants in Little India, Singapore you can expect the food to be made from purely good ingredients and derive the natural taste those ingredients produce when cooked. It is a heady cocktail of good ingredients and natural herbs and spices that are known for their medicinal and nutrition quotients. Eating at these restaurants is a unique experience because of the entirely new ambience and the food environment if you are a Singapore native or foreigner. Indian foods are cooked with a number of herbs that are known to be possessing antioxidant properties. These are good for heart and other vital organs of our body and the fibrous nature of the Indian vegetarian food also ensure easy digestion and calm thoughts. If you come to Singapore and Little India make sure to visit these exotic restaurants that offer a huge variety of Indian culinary taste.

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