13 - Nov - 2019

The Mustafa Centre, situated in the Syed Alwi road is a roaring commercial cub which houses a number of IT companies and other business offices employing thousands of professionals. The place is also the right zone for buying latest fashion clothing, jewelry and accessories as it is spacious, multi-storyed and has a huge audience that can buy the commodities. The restaurants near Mustafa Centre make brisk business because of the culinary fare they serve to the public and it is possible for you to eat Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and local foods with in the same perimeter.

Among the many restaurants doing business here, the Indian restaurants serving Indian foods need to be singled out because of the diverse food variety they cook and serve to the public.  They also serve a wide variety of vegetarian food that is outstanding in their own culinary culture and sect, for an instance you can eat Mexicano or Italiano in an Indian restaurant that makes it special to bake Italian Pizzas and Mexican Tacos and a variety of soups from both. There is the Indian culinary items that encompass a diverse cultural fare and ethnicity. For an example Indian foods served at the restaurant near Mustafa centre can be Gujarati or Punjabi, North Indian or South Indian and are they tasty? It is lip smacking fare that you get from these restaurants because they use authentic food recipes and ingredients. The restaurants here have huge following because of their use of organic food ingredients and spices and herbs. The original taste of Indian food is retained by the use of genuine herbs that have been handed over generation to generation and the organic nature of them.

Indian foods like Punjabi Chole Bhatura, Paneer Tikka, Chole Kulcha, and a variety of plain and stuffed naans are mouth watering affairs and people gorge on them because of their unique taste and presentation. The Indian food culture is displayed and practiced at the best in the restaurants near Mustafa Centre by a handful of Indian restaurants that serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food fare. The Indian vegetarian food restaurant has special mention because it is sought after by even people of other regions and countries. They are unanimously popular among both office goers and families in Singapore and you have to book seats beforehand if you want to eat dinner in the evening.

The restaurants does not just stop by serving only the snacks as they offer a variety of Thalis or plates containing Punjabi, Gujarati, South Indian or North Indian meals. The meals are wholesome and are always peppered with accompaniments such as Indian salads, pickles, and soups. The Gujarati food containing fresh Kadhi, Gujarati Curries, Vegetables, Roti or Chappathis and Rice are most ordered as they are absolutely vegetarian and made up with herbs and spices and pure base ingredients. Of course the cooks who conjure up these items are natives and know how to cook them deliciously. Next time you come to Singapore make it a point to visit the Restaurants near Mustafa Centre and you will know what we have been talking about the last few minutes.

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