17 - Feb - 2020

You would be more than happy if you are an Indian or Indian living in Singapore or a singaporian with Indian taste buds that there is a full-fledged vegetarian Indian restaurant lurking nearby. To say luring is an overstatement because the restaurant is found on the main thoroughfare of Singapore. As is the wont most famous restaurants take residence on main roads such as Syed Alwi Road, Singapore. Of course the area is teeming with Indian population and with high appetite for delicious north indian and south indian cuisine so don’t let this opportunity to go by to dine with fellow countrymen and natives.

Whom the best Singapore restaurants cater to?

The best vegetarian restaurant Singapore could serve you a number of Indian food items that are pure ethnic, traditionally handed over recipe, and made with pure herbs and spices. You can expect the restaurant to serve fresh and steaming and provide you with an experience that is unparalleled in the realm of eating. You can either dine-in with friends or family members or simply pack and carry on the way from a picnic or outing in to the mainland. The restaurant will also cater to parties such as birthdays, weddings, corporate dos, and other such parties. The restaurant has enough ambiences to host delicious dinner parties and even a coffee & snack party for an office-goers group. If you order they will also deliver piping hot food at your door step with less delivery cost! Subtle but tasteful decoration, ambient lighting, convenient seating arrangements, sociable waiter service and mouth watering menu is what await you at Singapore’s best vegetarian restaurant.

What vegetarian foods can the restaurant offer to you?

The best vegetarian restaurant Singapore will offer the best of India and in its sublime form and taste. Indian foods are known for their tangy, fiery, and multifaceted taste features and you will find every ounce of them reflecting on food menu served at the vegetarian restaurant. Some of the top menu would include the Punjabi Thali, Gujarati Thali, North Indian, Pav Bhaji, Puri Bhaji, variations of Paneer preparation, vegetable Biryani, chappathi, naan and other indian breads, Rice, Rice Pulao, Tandoori Roti, and a number of appetizers and fresheners including some of the top indian beverages like Lassi etc.  Indian vegetarian foods are always accompanied by side dishes such as chutney, papad, pickle, curd preparations, and salad and you can expect these dishes in all your full or half meals when you visit there.  

Like the diversity of the country Indian too produce stunning food recipes that are colorful, multi-taste cuisine and diversely ethnic. You have to taste it to experience what the vegetarian food of India is all about. The food menu is certainly going to be cheaper than its meat-based counterpart and also greater in terms of health and digestion.  Whether you are an individual or couple, family or group of friends, you will find the food and atmosphere of the Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore more to your liking. Make sure to visit the restaurant when you are here for the first time or in the neighborhood for shopping.

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