17 - Jul - 2021

While the pangs of COVID-19 have been quickly overcome by the online food ordering and delivery service providers, the virus is still alive and well, which is why observance of safety precautions is an absolute must. Even as of now, there are plenty of concerns regarding eating food outside or taking off your mask for a sip of water.

Although some people haven't stopped being skeptical about online food orders, here are certain excellent safety tips you can follow to effectively reduce the risks of transmission from ordered food items.

Contactless delivery

Many restaurants offering islandwide food delivery in Singapore have switched to contactless delivery service. It implies that the delivery person will not come up to your doorstep to drop off the package. Instead, they will ask you to collect the same from the gate. Some service providers have even disabled the cash-on-delivery option to ensure a fully contactless drop-off.

Dispose off the package right away

No sooner have you received food delivery, the foremost thing you ought to do is remove the food from the package and then discard the latter immediately. Even though experts have stated that chances of a viral transmission taking place from food packaging is relatively low, discarding the package is a better option.

Pick a particular spot for collecting the package

As far as interacting with others or going out in public during the pandemic is concerned, the best way to go about receiving food ordered online would be to choose a certain spot. Pick one with minimum public activity, it can be at one gate or a specific building. Doing this will allow you to adhere to health guidelines and ensure safety for yourself as well as the delivery person.

Heat the food again

It's also a good basic rule to reheat your food after you have received it from the delivery person, even if it's already hot. As per the guidelines established by WHO, the COVID-19 virus is vulnerable to general cooking temperatures (around 70°C).

Wash your hands thorough before eating

Once you have removed the food from its packaging and disposed the latter, wash your hands thoroughly. Before you do that, make sure not to touch your eyes, face, nose or mouth. The point is to remove any point of contact that might have been established right from when you received the order until the time you came back home with it. If the option of handwashing is not available, use an alcohol-baded sanitizer instead.

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