18 - Jun - 2022

There are different reasons for people to choose a vegetarian diet. For some people out there, eating vegetarian food is a way to gain a healthy body and fresh mind. They have such food to avoid hormones used in animal food. Then you have others, who want to eat vegetarian dishes as a way to do more with animal rights, environmental concerns, or religion. People can now go for islandwide food delivery in Singapore, to get tasty Indian vegetarian dishes delivered at the doorstep!

In case you are trying to move into the pathway of a vegetarian diet, then you need to know the type of vegetarian you want to be. Once you have decided on the items you want to avoid, you have to come up with a secured plan to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs.

The types to follow:

As you are following a vegetarian diet, it means you don’t eat fish, poultry, or meat. Such eaters are divided by what animal products you plan to add to your diet plan.

  • You have the Lacto-ovo vegetarians. They are known to eat both eggs and dairy items.
  • Then you have Lacto vegetarians, who will eat dairy items but not eggs
  • Finally, you have ovo vegetarians, who eat eggs but not dairy items
In case you are trying to follow a vegan diet, then you won’t eat poultry, fish, or meat. You won’t even consume dairy products, eggs, or any other form of animal items like honey or gelatin. It is hard to come across food items matching such needs but the best vegetarian restaurant Singapore will serve you the best food items.

Presenting Indian foods at their best:

Indian food is always the best option to come across whenever you are dealing with a vegetarian diet plan. Indians know how to make bland vegetables taste better with a heap load of spice mixtures.
  • Indian cuisine is known for the proper use of spice powder and pastes as the main base of cooking.
  • They use mustard and refined oil mostly, not only for enhancing taste but also for health improvements.
  • Each spice has its own set of health benefits to it. So, adding them to your food will lift up the taste and your healthy quotient as well.
You get the chance to order food now online and no need to wait for the delivery. The team from Shivam Restaurant is more than happy to add multiple vegetarian Indian cuisines to the list. Not just focusing on Indian dishes, but you can get Mexican and Italian dishes from the same source as well. If you want to end your dish with a sweet dessert, you can get that too!

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