03 - Sep - 2020

India has long been shrouded in mystery and several stereotypes. In a global community, it is not only backward but also extremely non-inclusive if you keep believing the common myths about Indian food. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding most Indian cooking that makes people afraid of trying this mouth-watering cuisine. When you visit the best vegetarian restaurant in Singapore, you will be provided with the best version of the variety of Indian foods available all over India. Indian food is actually incredibly diverse, dangerously tasty and genuinely mouth-watering.

We have now progressed into a much inclusive world where you deserve to know the truth about Indian food. Here are some of the biggest misconceptions about Indian food:

"Indian food is so spicy."

While there is no denying that Indian food incorporates a number of ethnic spices, it is not valid for every dish. There are subtle Indian dishes too that are equally tasty and worth enjoying. While Indians do not necessarily shy away from using spices, each of these spices helps developing an amalgamation of various flavours and aroma and does not merely make the dish hot and unbearable.

"Indian food is all orange gravy!"

Have you ever tried the pani puri? What about some delectable biryani? Have you ever tried the vast ensemble of dessert items? Well if you have, you will know that Indian cuisine is one of the most versatile there is with dishes from various cultures that reside in india. Each of them has different palates and spices that render every recipe a nuanced flavour and texture.

"Indian food is so unhealthy."

Yes, some Indian dishes are unhealthy, but that's not true for all Indian food. When you visit the best vegetarian restaurant singapore, you will realise that there are a number of dishes that are not only extremely healthy but also conducive to the vegan lifestyle. The best part? All of these food items are still delicious and awaken your taste buds like never before!


Q. Is vegetarian Indian food worth the hype?

A. 30% of the Indian population is primarily vegetarian and even those who do not have some exceptionally well developed vegetarian recipes. Indian vegetarian food will help you experience the best and the most delicious food items ever!

Q. What is an Indian thali?

A. When you visit an Indian restaurant, chances are you will find thalis on the menu. A thali is basically an assortment of food items, that include starters, snacks, Indian chats, rice, Indian bread, multiple gravies, dessert and drinks.

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