20 - Jan - 2020

Eating habits vary with people and it can vary with society, culture, religion, area, state, country and continent. India is a country with vast cultural diversities and the resultant food habits. Geographical Make up of India with diverse climate, land, soil and crop has produced different types of Indian Cuisine that are exquisite in nature and spicy and tangy in taste. The Indian vegetarian restaurant Singapore is an example of what is Indian food and its taste and eating there would allow you to uphold the tradition of eating vegetarian only.

Indian cuisine can be divided into two major categories namely North Indian and South Indian. Punjabi & Gujarati dishes are included in the North Indian cuisine owing to their regional proximity where as Tamilian & Mangalorian dishes are defined as south Indian cuisine. One big similarity you will find with these two is that they are pure vegetarian and as a vegetarian you can eat without apprehension.  The best vegetarian restaurant Singapore would serve you with a kaleidoscope of North Indian and South Indian dishes that are well known and tasted by food lovers from all over the world. If you are in Singapore and a Singapore native with vegetarian inclination, you can eat at the restaurant without any anxiety because the ingredients used are pure organic.

The Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore will use only naturally grown herbs and spices to spice up its food. If you have a close look you will find they are ingredients with immense health benefits as most of the items used to make food have some medicinal qualities. Unlike the meat based food items, vegetarian food served at the Indian restaurant are non gaseous as they are easily digested. This is owed to the high-fiber whole grains, leafy vegetables, and spices. If you take the case of fenugreek, a spice used in the Indian cooking contains plenty of protein and fiber and has a reducing effect on diabetic patients.  Another spice liberally used in Indian food items and as a refresher, cardamom posses anti-oxidant and Diuretic properties and even has cancer fighting compounds in them. It has great anti-inflammatory effects on people with pain and so is the effect of Turmeric used in powder form.

Most of the food ingredients and spices used in the Indian food recipe have great digestive qualities and that includes Cardamom, Fennel Seeds, & Cumin Seeds. The herbs used in the Indian foods have similar properties so they are absolutely safe to eat and their taste will ensure that yo make a repeat visit to the restaurant in the near future. The Indian vegetarian restaurant Singapore is not hard to locate as it could be found in the prominent locality of Little India, with sizable Indian population. The restaurant besides serving tasty Indian vegetarian food also shows the Indian courtesy of highest degree when guests flock to their interiors. If you are traditionally vegetarian this is the place you should go when you decide to eat outside. It will help keep tradition and at the same time taste something unique. You could be disappointed if you have not booked table in advance, so make sure that you book one before going there.   

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