10 - Sep - 2020

While not all people can enjoy the beauty and intensity of Indian food, those who can are truly blessed, Indian food is truly versatile and is something completely different from most other cuisines. Even if you never ventured into the depths of the Indian cuisine, you will surely find something to fall in love with! Finding authentic Indian food outside India can be a little tricky. However, at the best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Singapore, you will be able to taste the essence of spices and natural flavours that will make you an instant fan!

If you are recently starting your journey into the mystical land of Indian food, one thing to keep in mind is the true versatility of the Indian cuisine. Here are the various broad food genres available at the best vegetarian restaurant in Singapore:

Enjoy the Delectable Gujrati Foods

India is a land of an amalgamation of several cultures. Hence Indian food consists of several categories; one of which is the delicious Gujarati foods. Some of the most famous and well known Gujarati foods include dhokla, fafda, Methi Na Gota, Batata Vada and many more, which of these dishes are entirely indistinguishable from the others but sing a similar song when combined.

Delve Into the North Indian Recipes

The most popular Indian dishes generally reflect the North Indian dishes. Here you have the most delicious Aloo Gobhi, Mutter Paneer, Paneer Butter Masala, Vegetable Jalfrezi and much more. If you are having a hard time selecting you can always go for a North Indian thali.

Savour the Mouth-Watering Chats

Chats are something utterly exclusive to the vast land of India. While there are some chats, they have one thing in common: they are an absolute flavour bomb. One of the most favourite Indian chat of time is invariably panipuri. Still, there are other options to choose from as well, which include papdi chat, dahi puri, bhel puri, tikka chat, balla papdi chat and many more.

Grab a Snack on the Go

Indians are very well known for their fantastic assortment of snacks. These are not your packaged goods, but are fresh, hot and mostly deep-fried! You must have heard of samosas, but Indian snacks go far beyond that. There are other amazing options like vada pav, mix pakoda, aloo bonda, kachori and much more!


Q. Can I get vegan food at the best vegetarian restaurant Singapore:

A. Indian cuisine has a lot of reservation for people following a vegan lifestyle. You will have a variety of vegan options, all of which are delicious and nutritious!

Q. Is Indian food healthy?

A. Like all other cuisines, some Indian foods are healthier than the others. However, the nutritional value of a dish depends entirely on what you choose!

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