23 - Sep - 2022

Singapore has a heavy Indian influence with so many Indians living over there. With time, they have passed down their culinary history, and now you can see some of the most promising Indian restaurants all across the place. However, if you are trying to get your hands on the best vegetarian dishes, you are most welcome to try out Indian cuisines for a change. With a maximum population consisting of vegetarians, Indians know how to spice up basic vegetables to give them a new taste.

With so many spices, you will be pleasantly surprised to turn into a vegetarian without even having the thought of trying out meat once. So, if you are in Singapore, you should definitely give some Indian vegetarian dishes a try. Let’s find out more.

Veg biriyani:

When you think of Indian cuisine, you think of a special rice dish that goes by the name biriyani. However, it doesn’t always have to be a chicken or mutton biriyani. If you are a vegetarian, then do try out their veg biriyani for a change and you will fall in love with it! It is made using saffron rice and comes with loads of vegetables, topped up with fried onions. The taste is rich and you will feel a burst of flavor with every bite!

Indian Rojak:

If you are in Singapore, you better give Indian Rojak a try. Even though it is not particularly an Indian dish, the gravy that is poured on top of the salad makes it truly Indian. The sauce is made out of chili sauce paste, mixed with multiple Indian spices. Pour it on top of potatoes, eggplants, and tofu, and have a hearty lunch anytime you want!


It is a very common dish sold in India and now you get to taste its flavor in Singapore as well, thanks to some amazing Indian chefs out there. It is promisingly known as “kothu parotta” and it is made using potato stuffing along with Indian spices and onions. You can get a meat version of it as well. One full murtabak is enough to get your tummy full!

Laksa Mee:

If you like noodles then this dish is solely made for you. It is basically noodles in thick Indian gravy, which is mostly made out of coconut milk. So, you cannot miss out on that silky smooth texture with every bite you take! The Chinese noodles are added with the vermicelli noodles to give that extra bite and a filling stomach in the end!

Roti Parota:

It is typically an Indian breakfast dish, where a flatbread is served with a side of potato curry. The curry is flavored well with Indian spices and will surely pack a punch! The hot and spicy Indian curry goes well with the flatbread, which on its own doesn’t have much of a flavor.

These are some of the top Indian cuisines you should try in Singapore, especially if you are a vegetarian. Other than these dishes, you have Masala Dosa, Poori Chana, and lots more. Try out some of the best cuisines from Shivam Restaurant.

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