17 - Nov - 2021

We frequently feel that adhering to diets rich in fiber, protein, and other supplements will be difficult. Furthermore, conjectures like abandoning your staple dal roti and enduring exclusively on avocados and quinoa are not really the right approach. Be that as it may, to everybody's relief, the best Indian food gives us numerous fundamental nutrients. Like for instance, if you wish to increase the intake of fiber in your daily diet for weight loss, cardiovascular health, or improved digestion, you wouldn't have to look too hard and long. There are various Indian ingredients that can be your go-to hotspot for everyday fiber consumption. Listed below are some of them:


Alongside being a high wellspring of plant-based protein, lentils (or dal) are likewise abundant in dietary fiber. The fiber and starch found in dals provide long-lasting energy and keep cravings away for extended periods.

Whole grains

Whole grains have various perks and being wellsprings of insoluble fiber is one of them. It adds mass to our stool and forestalls stomach issues such as constipation. A review done by Monash University in Australia proposes that high fiber food varieties such as whole grains might help prevent type 1 diabetes as well. Plenty of restaurants in Little India Singapore commonly use whole grains to prepare flatbreads.


Nuts like pistachios and almonds are great wellsprings of fiber that keep you full for longer and help to promote great stomach wellbeing. A review directed by the University of Florida proposes that 'pistachios are an extraordinary source of antioxidants, protein, and healthy fats, and they also assist the healthy bacteria in your gut.


The fiber found in barley can support the natural metabolism of your body. As per a review directed by Lund University Sweden, consuming barley can bring down high blood sugar levels and curb cravings. Researchers likewise recommended that barley could also decrease the risks of getting cardiovascular diseases.


A favorite during the summer season, cucumber has many advantages particularly if consumed along with the outer skin. It is prescribed by health experts to eat vegetables or fruits with peels because that outer layer contains fiber which is an absolute necessity for your body. The prominent green shade of the cucumber indicates its antioxidant content, which provides nourishment.


Bananas are a high wellspring of fiber. Insoluble fiber that is found in bananas tends to slow down the digestion process, thus helping you feel full for longer. Likewise, as indicated by a review done by the University of Leeds in the UK, fiber-rich food sources like bananas can bring down the danger of cardiovascular and coronary heart infections.

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