11 - Aug - 2022

Have you seen so many people turning out to be vegetarian these days? Well, they have all one motive in mind and that is to maintain a perfect and healthy physique all the way through. Now, the real question is choosing the best restaurants near Mustafa Centre, which are focused more on serving healthy and tasty vegetarian dishes all the way through.

Indian cuisines are known for their delightful and flavorful tasty dishes. Each dish consists of several spices, which will make the food not hot but flavorsome. Western vegetarian foods are known to be bland in taste, but that’s not the case when you have Indian cuisines by your side. With around 70 to 80% of Indians being vegetarians from the get-go, they now know how to value spices and make even greens taste better!

A perfect blend of spice mix:

What makes Indian cuisines completely different from the rest is the perfect blend of the spice mix. Right from turmeric to red chili powder, coriander to cumin paste, there are different types of spices used for making Indian vegetarian dishes out of this world.

  • The most prominent spice mix used in most Indian dishes will be the garam masala. Not just for vegetarian dishes, but it is used to add a tangy flavor to non-vegetarian dishes as well.
  • Not just for their flavorful profile, but these spices have multiple health benefits to them. For example, you have turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic features.
  • So, when you are trying Indian cuisines from reputed restaurants in little India Singapore, you are not just getting tasty food in your system, but healthy ones as well.

Less use of oil and sauces:

If there is one thing Indian cuisine is known for then that is less use of oil and sauce. There is only a handful of oil like mustard oil, sunflower oil, and refined oil used to cook Indian cuisines. These oils have their health benefits to them.

  • Moreover, as all the flavors come from spices, Indian cuisines do not use sauces like western cultures. So, with less sauce usage, the food turns out to be less oily and messy.
  • Whether you want to enjoy your vegetable curry with plain white basmati rice or naan, you can have it in any way you want.
  • The best part is that you get to mix and match multiple vegetable curries to create your own unique taste. With so many flavors to venture into, you will never get bored with Indian cuisines for sure.

Order your food online:

Now you get the opportunity to order your Indian vegetarian dishes online from the house of Shivam Restaurant. Get quality food right at our doorstep.

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