21 - Jan - 2022

Singapore is known as the melting pot of various cultural foods as they are influenced by Chinese, Malay, Indian and other cultures. If you are a vegetarian traveller, finding the same category of foods will never be a problem in Singapore. All you need is to visit the restaurants in Little India, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and other places that are home to Indian vegetarian dishes.

Let’s not miss out on any of these delicacies and experience the pleasure of lip-smacking Indian cuisine.

Rotis and Paranthas

Everyone loves authentic Indian breads in the form of Tandoori rotis and paranthas. The fried flatbreads are crispy and fluffy. Adding a different tone to these basic flatbreads, you can also taste Puri Bhaji, Butter Naan, Chole Bhature and many others. The accompaniments with these various types of fried or baked flatbreads differ as taste is a grand subject to Indian cuisine. Order your food from the best Indian restaurant in Singapore that offers such tasteful precisions.


The concept of vegetarian thalis is rooted in India and the platter offers an array of different tastes. A typical thali usually comprises bread and rice along with other curries and desserts. So, it is a complete meal for a single person. The vegetarian goodness included in the thali are served in small vessels and together they surround the bowl of rice. There are different types of lentils and vegetable curries that are added to the thalis.

The most common Indian veg thalis that are available in Singapore are North Indian, Gujarati and Indo Chinese. The thalis are the perfect examples of taste full of choice as these can be customised based on your preferences. To make the meal complete, different choices of desserts are also a part of these thalis. Pop into a renowned eatery house that offers the best Indian food in Singapore.


Chaats play a vital role when it comes to Indian platters. There are different types of tempting chaats available at restaurants in Little India. These include Pav Bhaji, Masala Pav, Pani Puri, Sev Puri and a lot more. The humble dishes are a popular snacking option for many Indians in Singapore. The taste may differ depending on the vendor you choose. The best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore offer some of the best delicious treats that are sure to please your heart.

What you need to know about vegetarian foods in Singapore?

Vegetarian foods are not that expensive compared to sea foods in Singapore. If you are on a vacation in Singapore and are looking for vegetarian foods, consider visiting the areas near Little India. Also, you can order directly from the restaurants that provide islandwide food delivery in Singapore. Many Indians living in the city-state, opt for vegetarian foods from similar restaurants.

Indians visiting the city usually think of Chinese, Malaysian and Indonesian foods, but surprisingly our traditional vegetable dishes are also available amongst the multitude of various cuisines. The eatery houses that offer vegetarian food in Singapore maintain affordable rates for all the menus they have.

On top of all these Indian delicacies, a quick search online will lead you to the best eateries in Singapore and Shivam Restaurant is one of them. Book a table or order your favourite refreshments NOW!

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