21 - Feb - 2022

Singapore has a wide variety of North Indian cuisine available through the various food joints and restaurants in the country. The sizeable Indian diaspora on the Island country has made sure that its cuisine is represented and loved by natives and tourists alike.

After a hearty meal of Indian bread and curries, the mind wants nothing more than to indulge in some desserts. The best place to experience the plethora of Indian sweets is at the best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore.

The range of North Indian sweets comes from the use of a wide variety of ingredients such as milk, milk solids, sugar syrup, ghee, flour, etc. Indian sweets such as gulab jamuns and rasgullas have a fluffy and soft texture due to the kneading technique. Kneading is what gives the dough a fluffy texture by allowing air bubbles to enter the dough.

Let us look at some of the best North Indian sweets to try out:

  1. Gulab Jamun: No list of the best North Indian sweets can exclude Gulab Jamun. Known for its puffy interiors and fried crunch on the outside, this dish is a staple at any North Indian gathering. It is generally served hot with the sugar syrup in which it is cooked. Make sure to ask for tissues to address the dripping sugar syrup with every bite.
  2. Rasmalai: Rasmalai translates to “Juice and Cream”, which perfectly describes the ingredients of this dish. Native to the Eastern region of India, originating from states such as Bengal and Orissa. The dish has a soft texture akin to that of rasgullas with the added fragrances of rose water and saffron. Rasmalai is served with milk that has been boiled with saffron and sugar, making the entire package a sweet lover’s delight. This dish is a must-try at Shivam Restaurant, the best Indian restaurant in Little India, Singapore.
  3. Rasgulla: Rasgulla, or rasgullas, as they are known in North-Eastern India, are a staple at Indian festivals and gatherings thanks to the unapologetic sweetness in every bite. Unlike gulab jamuns, these have a spongy texture throughout and are filled with sugar syrup. The perfect rasgullas will shrink back to their shape when squeezed. Do try this North-East Indian delicacy on your next visit to Shivam Restaurant, the best vegetarian restaurant in Singapore.
  4. Mango Mastani: Mastani is a popular dessert milkshake in the western states of India such as Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. Consumed after a hearty meal or at any time of the day, it is popular on the streets of cities like Mumbai and Pune. In addition to fruits such as Mango, it also contains cherries, cashews, almonds, and pistachios to offer crunch and bite. Full cream milk is what gives this drink a creamy consistency. If you are a fruit lover post-lunch, this could be your go-to dessert at a North Indian restaurant in Singapore.


Located at 87, Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207666, Shivam Restaurant is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Little India, Singapore. They offer an abundance of sweets from different parts of India, including Kaaju katli, rasmalai, malai kulfi, gajar ka halwa, faloodas, and more. You can also get food delivered too, as they offer islandwide food delivery in Singapore.

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