22 - Apr - 2022

Pav Bhaji is popular street food in India that is made from mixed and mashed vegetables. It is the perfect blend of spices that can be witnessed on an evening snacks platter. Pav Bhaji is the trademark of Mumbai but to this day, there are many versions and are available in many different cities in India as well as in Singapore.

Whether you have visited Mumbai or not, visiting the Little India district in Singapore will give you the chance of experiencing the spicy pleasure of Pav Bhaji. These are served in various Indian and North Indian food restaurants in Singapore.

The fame of Pav Bhaji

The restaurants in the Little India district have the widest range of delicacies involving snacks and chaats. It’s a culinary universe packed into a set of renowned eateries. The humble Pav Bhajis that are usually served at roadside stalls and vendors are now available in the lands of Lion. The taste has traveled crossing the huge oceanic distances between India and Singapore.

It is a platter of a soupy, spicy, and crunchy blend of veggies served with pan-fried bread soaked in butter and chaat masala. Sometimes the toppings include mozzarella cheese, grated cottage cheese, and even mushrooms. Undoubtedly, the combination is simply irresistible. It is the perfect delight for any keen foodie. To this day, Pav Bhaji has gained a national and even international identity.

The hidden tale of Pav Bhajis

Can you imagine that the history of Pav Bhaji dates back to the days of the Civil War of America in the 1860s? The civil war led to the demand for cotton and as a reason, the traders in Bombay cotton exchange used to be super busy, especially during the night as the rates were telegrammed from America. The late returning traders used to annoy their wives for food and as a solution to this, street vendors started collecting leftover bread from the Jesuit priests. They mixed vegetables, mashed them, and used to serve them with bread and butter. Thus, the inception of Pav Bhaji took place.

The evolution of Pav Bhajis

The latest version of Pav Bhaji rose to the fore in the late 70s. The dish gained much popularity with the Gujarati community in Mumbai. The revolution of spices took place with added cheese, butter, and different kinds of chutneys. It was the perfect snacking option while on the run. However, the basis of the soup or gravy remains the same – crushed tomatoes, potatoes, onions, peas, and sometimes seasonal broccolis and cauliflowers. The tiny food wonder not only helped many families earn their bread with roadside stalls but also many food enthusiasts who love loads of flavors in their platters. The best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore offer authentic Pav Bhaji that will surely please you with every morsel.

When it comes to the Little India district in Singapore, food is one of the obvious choices for every traveler. Yet, there are very few travel guides that provide details about the richness and unique cuisines found here. The authentic taste of the entire subcontinent is available within an area that is less than a square mile.

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