09 - Feb - 2021

Jain Food culture has always been one of the talking food cultures in the world. They maintain a different food habit than the mainstream ones. And this is the reason why their food culture has been one of the healthy diets for every people. They follow some strict restrictions on their food culture.

But of course, whenever it is the best Indian vegetarian restaurant, they find themselves in food heaven where Jains can enjoy fantastic vegetarian dishes with great company. They have always been fond of the strict vegetarian rules and they intend to keep it.

Know Interesting Facts Of Jain Food Culture

If you see it from a general point of view then it is obvious that you have some questions on your mind about the Jain food culture. Here are some of the popular facts that will resolve all your doubts.

  • Jain has a different food culture called Jain vegetarianism. It is the diet of Jains that never consists of onions, garlic and other underground vegetables.
  • Jains don’t eat non-veg food because they believe it is a symbol of non-violence. That’s why they strictly follow the veg food culture. Whenever they are outside, they always look for a well-known and best vegetarian restaurant to satisfy their hunger by following their belief.
  • They heavily depend on food like vegetables and fruits that grow on trees and fall down to be collected. The belief is it will not do any harm to the trees.
  • They consume very little oil, sugar, soya dairy products, lemon tea, green tea, ragi, bajra, maize, oats, jowar, soya, whole deals, semi-polished rice, whole wheat.
  • Fruits and vegetables are the foods they consume the most.
  • Jains eat salts for taste purposes only. It is not used and basically avoided in juices and salads.
  • The Jains eat spices especially the ones which have health benefits. Cardamom, cloves, cumin seeds, cinnamon turmeric, fenugreek and tulsi come under the most consumed spices.
  • Jains avoid stale food because it contains microorganisms created over a time period.
  • They believe microorganisms grow on food after sunset and that’s why they abide by the rules not to eat food after sunset. It should be consumed during the sunlight.

So, now you understand why Jain food culture is strict and pretty much different than the popular food culture worldwide.

Today, you can always get quality vegetarian dishes in an amazing vegetarian restaurant. Like the best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Singapore, the food varieties and diversities are growing every day. In fact, non-veg people are enjoying quality vegetarian dishes as well.

And above all, the vegetarian food culture has more health benefits than any other food culture.

So, what’s stopping you anymore? If you got bored by eating the regular vegetarian dishes in your home then visit a popular vegetarian restaurant and enjoy quality food today.

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