17 - Jan - 2022

Singapore is a country with a mixed blend of Malaysian, Indian, English, Chinese and Arabian cultures. The Singaporean twist is filled with delightful culinary experiences and exciting nightlife.

Well, apart from the local chicken rice, crab curries and laksa, Indian vegetarian dishes are increasingly becoming a hot favourite in Singapore. Well, it may be a land of lions, but the people, with different tastes and cultures have embraced the richness of Indian cuisine. Restaurants in Little India Singapore offer a range of flavorful Indian veg dishes that are irresistible.

Indian cuisine in Singapore

Indian cuisine comprises rich and diverse culinary traditions. In Singapore, the most common Indian cuisines include North Indian, Tamil Muslim and South Indian styles. A number of dishes with their roots in India have been adapted by the culinary traditions of various communities in Singapore. The Indian food heritage strongly features vegetarian cuisine and many insiders as well as tourists, love getting indulged into the flavourful richness.

Visiting Singapore, you will be introduced with a number of Indian dishes that combine culinary traditions from Indian and other communities. These dishes are typically available at the best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore. Leave Indians, these dishes are also adored by many Singaporeans. The common Indian platters available in Singapore are Tandoori Rotis, Paranthas, Samosas, Chole Bhature, Veg Biryani and even Pani Puris.

The food culture in Singapore

The food culture in Singapore has been enriched by generations of pioneers. Visit the best Indian restaurant in Singapore to witness the culinary traditions from South as well as North India. Over the years, a number of communities have influenced and shaped the traditional Indian recipes to create an array of local and delectable dishes. From authentic delicacies to Singaporean-Indian blends, the country offers the perfect gastronomic journey of taste.

The love for Vegetarian food has spread widely throughout Singapore and finding a similar restaurant here is almost effortless. Based on your choice, you can either order a thali or individual platters as your taste buds want.

North Indian Cuisine

You will be greeted by a number of North Indian curries and breads that prominently feature the same culture. It is all about the grand Punjabi Thali, the creamy Paneer Butter Masala, Kadhai Panner and a lot more. There’s no doubt that you can’t complete it before mopping out all the exuberant goodness with piping hot tandoori rotis and naans. All you need is, find a restaurant that offers the best Indian food in Singapore.

The prosperous trading ports of Singapore have opened up the opportunity of tasting diverse flavours of Singaporean-Indian cuisine along with traditional and authentic Indian platters.

Be sure to visit Shivam Restaurant to have the perfect vegetarian food in Singapore. You can also order online from our website to get involved in a devouring peace. So go ahead and place an order, and our efficient islandwide food delivery service will have it at your doorstep in no time.

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