Jain Bhindi Masala

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Jain Bhindi Masala

S$ 11.00


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A unique combination of green vegetables, methi muthia, green masala and garnished with chopped cori...
S$ 13.30
Spicy, sweet and tangy tomato curry topped with crisp sev
S$ 11.30
Flavoured garlic potato sautéed in spices, roasted peanuts &garnished with coriander leaves
S$ 12.50
Thin sweet yogurt based kadhi with spices
S$ 11.50
Delicious taste eggplant, spring onion, butter, tomatoes with spices & coriander leaves
S$ 12.30
Moong dal tampered in gujarati style with lemon juice &spices
S$ 12.30
Potato cubes cooked in spices, green chill &ginger paste
S$ 11.20
Combination of dal & rice cooked in light spices
S$ 11.50