14 - Jul - 2021

Infused with a magical amalgam of tangy sauces and aromatic, flavourful spices, chaat can be best described as a classification of street food straight out of Indian cuisine, capable of offering a spectrum of unique textures and flavours to your palate. The options available in this group seems to be limitless, and each region of India has its own variation of chaat dish to hack your taste buds with. Basically, chaat is prepared using a common mixture of salty, crunchy, sweet, savoury and spicy ingredients.

While a visit to an Indian restaurant for first-timers can be confusing, here are some North Indian chaats in Singapore that you would love to give a try:

Dahi vada

A popular street food in India, dahi vadas are traditional fritters that can also be called fried dumplings. Usually prepared using legumes like lentils, chickpeas or mung beans, they are initially soaked and made into better, before getting concocted with spices and then fried. After the vadas have been cooked, they are soaked in a thick yoghurt sauce and seasoned using chaat masala.

Aloo chaat

A highly appreciated street food in the northern parts of India, this chaat generally contains pieces of parboiled and garnished potato, with toppings of sauces, chopped raw onion, chaat masala and lime juice.

Papri chaat

Another chaat dish hailing from North India, the papri chaat has undergone several modifications as it became popular across India and throughout the world. The traditional recipe usually consists of fried, crispy dough wafers, boiled potatoes, papri and chickpeas, served with toppings of crunchy sev, chaat masala and tamarind sauce.


Bhelpuri is a classical Indian chaat dish with plenty of texture for any food connoisseur. It usually features a base consisting of a mixture of crunchy puffed rice (bhel) and fried dough strips (puri), toppings of tamarind sauce and greens, and seasonings of cilantro, sev, peanuts and lime juice.

Sev puri

Prepared using unleavened and deep-fried bread balls, sev puri is similar to the famous Indian street food 'panipuri, but its fillings include layers of onions, potatoes and chaat sauces. The bread balls are topped with chaat masala, crispy sev and fresh mango.

Samosa chaat

As its name suggests, this chaat dish features a base of chopped up and arranged samosas, which is topped with assorted sauces, yoghurt and sev.

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