25 - Apr - 2022

Summer and Its Share of Flavours

Summers can be tough to get through, especially with high temperatures and humidity that make it difficult to step out without drenching yourself in sweat. It is important to keep yourself cool and your stomach full as you go about your summer plans and partake in outdoor activities.

North Indian dishes are generally known for their spiciness and the bunch of flavors that the dishes pack in each bite. However, North Indian varieties of summer treats and sweets are well documented with each region bringing in its unique flavors. Let us look at a few below:

Matka Malai Kulfi

Matka Malai Kulfi is an extremely popular cold or frozen North Indian ice cream that is prepared with milk cream and garnished with dry fruits. It is a signature Indian dessert that is both denser and creamier than packaged ice creams. There are several ways and flavors to the kulfi recipe. Some variations are prepared in a cone to look like an ice lolly, while the matka version is shaped like a ‘matka’ or clay pot, which is also the serving dish. A staple at North Indian restaurants in Singapore, it is a must-try dish any time of the day when you want to have something sweet and cold without worrying about artificial sweeteners and flavors.

Aam Panna

Aam Panna is a juicy, sweet, and tangy drink prepared with the king of fruits in India, the mango. Aam Panna is the best drink that you can have to beat the heat during the summer months. Prepared with simple ingredients such as a few raw mangoes, brown sugar, salt, water, and ice, Indians around the globe swear by its refreshing effects. Be sure to check it out at Shivam Restaurant, the best vegetarian restaurant in Singapore.

Bael Sharbat

Bael is the Hindi word for wood apple. This fruit is used to make a mildly sweet drink in summers that are omnipresent across North Indian city streets. Bael sharbat is best consumed after a hot day’s work around the evening to help your body absorb all the electrolytes and nutrients in the wood apple fruit. Order it as an accompaniment for your spicy curries and main course meals and we assure you will be amazed.

Kulle Ki Chaat

To accompany the drinks mentioned above, we’ve got a fruity snack that is sure to fill you up and keep you going through the day. Kulle ki chaat is unique chaat or snack prepared from fresh fruits and vegetables that are first hollowed out and then filled with delicious pomegranate and chickpea filling. It is then topped with chaat masala and fresh lemon juice.


If you are looking to cool down this summer, do give a shot at the numerous North Indian frozen desserts and refreshing juices on offer around Singapore. The North Indian diaspora has preserved its culture through its food and has numerous outlets that can serve you these delights. If you do plan to go to a restaurant and sit down with all of these dishes, make sure to visit Shivam Restaurant, an authentic North Indian Food Restaurant in Singapore. Shivam Restaurant brings you the best from all corners of India with a focus on North Indian specialties like Gujarati Thali, Rajasthani Thali, etc. which are a full meal on a plate from each North Indian state.

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