18 - May - 2022

A value meal is always a welcoming relief from the routine approach of dining where you are confined to main courses and side dishes. Value meals offered by vegetarian restaurants in Singapore are not only affordable but also keep you filled for a longer period. With the options of value meals, you will have the chance to taste different menu options including the main course, choice of curries, lentils, bread, rice, and even desserts. So, it’s a complete meal for a person to stay full throughout the day.

The benefits of value meals in your lunch

Value meals are also popularly known as Thalis. When it comes to vegetarian restaurants in Singapore, and especially in Little India, people usually search for Gujarati Set, Punjabi Set, Chaat Set, etc. Some of the value meals are also designed to cater to more than one person. Vegetarianism suits all types of people and it offers a heavenly pleasure to every gourmet. These types of plated meals are best for corporate lunches, events, and even parties. On any occasion, nothing beats the meal system.

Saving on budget

One of the prominent benefits of choosing vegetarian value meals for your lunch is saving money. It is somewhat like a combo pack and quite naturally choosing the same menus out of the set will cost you more. You can also choose to get your meal delivered at your home or office by selecting the online delivery option. Value meals allow you to have everything on a single platter. Depending on the restaurant, you may also be able to customize the Thali as per your choice.

Flexible food choice

Meals or Thali system offers great flexibility to the diners. Choosing a particular cuisine, the meals offer different options on menus. Value meals are not just suitable for lunch or dinner but they can also be ordered for breakfast or evening snacks. Vegetarian Thalis are versatile and come with a variety of food choices.

Filled with nutrition

Indian cuisine is a perfect blend of a variety of dishes. They are rich in flavor, color, and nutrients. One of the common things that come with value meals is that the food is highly nutritious. They are a perfect amalgamation of all the nutrients and are the appropriate meal when it comes to taking care of your health. The balanced portion of nutrients keeps people strong enough to perform their creativity. The dishes are rich in vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, antioxidants, and minerals.

Boost your immunity

As almost all types of Thalis are enriched in herbs and spices, Value Meals helps in strengthening your immune system. Having a strong immunity is particularly important especially after the post-pandemic as we have what harm our body can take. Also, when choosing these types of meals, you don’t have to worry about weight gains. The balanced portion is a perfect example of a proper diet that helps in weight loss ventures. Almost all Thalis from Indian cuisine have a portion of Dal. No matter what type you are consuming, dals are rich in essential protein and amino acids. These serve as the building blocks of our muscle growth and help in reducing excess body fat.

Finding value meals is not a big problem anymore. Nowadays, lots of restaurants in Singapore offer the same and we at Shivam Restaurant are one of them. With good reviews and years of experience in the catering business, we look forward to nourishing you with authentic and flavorful platters.

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